by Vonny del Fresco

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released 19 January 2014



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Track Name: After The Fall
Verse 1:

Mama told me "baby boy you gon' shine well."
it takes time, in order to shine you gotta grind well,
show and prove,
you the truth, show em proof,
cuz these days its a lot of niggas that's lying well,
never been off of it often,
never been offered an office,
no cubical is suitable for what I'm oftenly coughing,
sick and usually lost in,
the fact that I''m awkwardly awesome,
snakes all in my grass I'm leaving dead souls in my garden,
got this red rose on my garments,
young nigga in a suit and tie,
oxfords, fox furs, redbones in my newest ride,
riding round to my new shit, assisting you with your suicide,
niggas die like everyday but errday I'm like cooley high,
and its all good bae,
niggas pass away,
some niggas get it honest,
some niggas moving wehgt,
we made it off of rap,
we never had to trap,
bitch, I was 3 years old and homeless I'm never going back,
I swear,


and after we fall, this doesn't have to be the end of it all,
cause after it all, meets the end

verse 2:

welcome into my terror dome,
Terror's home, don't dare to clone,
niggas talking like zombies, I turn them all into hair and bones,
gold links, herringbones, bannana boats for my cubans too,
no squares in my circle, and these niggas lookin' like rubix cubes,
my "backpack rap", stack stacks, that slap trap; that's rap shit,
that rat see that cheese, want a slice, but no fraction,
me no ablo english, nigga I don't even know spanish,
yo girl, want yogurt, I gave her my dannon,
carey, cannon, I'm light skinned, no tanning,
that last line made no sense I'm just rhyming shit with dannon,
this flow paid for your funeral, no shipping and handling,
I murder shit,
Kill it all,
Fuck them,
Kill em all,
That throne just ain't big enough,
that crown just ain't big enough,
You niggas been rapping for 20 years, shit still ain't pickin up
this ground just ain't big enough,
these clouds just ain't thick enough,
did it all on our own, fuck niggas never did shit for us


Track Name: Dear Lord
Verse 1:

They couldn't recognize me in rare form,
I stepped into this game with my angel wings and my horns,
to my copiers, copy this to your floppy disk,
gave oppositions options and now their families mourn,
Dear Lord he just wanted that four-door Porshe,
Give him fortunes, let him know that he deserves more,
World tours, gold counter-tops and Marble floors,
give me more, I want everything I can't afford,
Niggas came a long way, whippin' in that Hyundai,
Riding down Hampton but I'm feeling mucho grande,
Making money legal even though I know that crime pays,
I can't be another statistic to this crime rates,
Homocide; bodies going up, pain coming down,
Mama look, your son is blowing up, where's he going now,
Father never bothered showing up, such a lonely child,
they don't know how to seize the moment, I can show you how,


Look how they wish they had my shine,
but you can't steal my light,
and everbody knows that it's my time,
these niggas want to live my...

verse 2:

My mama was raised in the era when,
crack rocks were being served to the darkest skin,
'93 she gave birth to infinity, that rose grew from concrete,
look what these cracks did to me,
what's the meaning of being dope when you come from it huh?
In a world that's so sick, you can't stomach huh?
I don't care about your cars and your clothes,
niggas talking fly shit, but they always seem to plumit huh?
Dear Lord I can only pray for my enemies,
It seems the only thing stopping me is my inner me,
I'm steady being chased by night terrors, I an't even sleep,
Is this what I get for not wearing my heart on my sleave,

Ending breakdown (x2):

Who's gonna break me down?
Who's gonna break me down now?
Track Name: Before
Track Name: YNWD

I wish that I could go and fly away today, I'm just tryna get faded love.
My life is on a highway, and I'm just tryna make it love.


I'm just a young nigga with dough, tryna get this cake baby,
I've been out on this road, may ome home a day late maybe,
I've been out on my own, a lot of friends became fake lately,
Who am I to trust? Who am It o give a fuck?
I ain't buying nothing they're selling,
If these niggas real, I can't tell it,
They know the name, they know the game, they see the gang and they're jealous,
I've been up on my dressing, working hard for my lettuce,
She says she knows who I am, She's tryna get me in her plans,
She sees the money I'm folding,
Too bad you'll never get to hold it,
You an take me back to your pad, but you'll never see me in the morning,
I wake up and I'm gone, her face up and she's blown,
She wants to fuck with the throne,
Don't let me into my zone

Hook (x2):

I'm just a young nigga with dough, tryna get this cake baby,
I've been out on this road, may ome home a day late maybe,
I've been out on my own, a lot of friends became fake lately,
Who am I to trust? Who am It o give a fuck?


I wish that I could go and fly away today, I'm just tryna get faded love.
My life is on a highway, and I'm just tryna make it love.
Track Name: Noir Designer

Red lipstick, black finger polish; that trigger finger,
Gun powder as bullets shower, that smoke settles, that scent it lingers,
Her hands out for them hand-outs, currency lights up the sky,
The devil wears Alexander Wang, and you're just hoping your fly,
Halo on top of your mind, dressed in the highest designs,
She's rolling it up to get high, smoking Chanel NO.5,
So many girls in front of the bathroom,
you said you were waiting for lines,
you told me you would be back soon, but bitch don't waste my time,
I said a young nigga ain't got the time for it,
Waiting for you to undress, Lord,
As your Guisseppe's step onto the floor,
Who are you tryna impress whore?
We're up on the top floor, so get your ass up out of that fucking couture,
After I hit it once, I garantee; you gon' be begging for more,

hook (x2):

You said you want a nigga with some money,
But baby it ain't easy making money,
just bring that ass here to my hotel room,
Noir designer sluts in my hotel room,


My hands grip on your thighs,
Your hands grip on that nine,
Your mind's lost in my lines,
My soul's lost in your eyes,
We get lost in the time, we take off and we fly,
we take off and get high,
we do it just to get by,

Verse 2:

Diamonds, fur coats and designers,
That cold change in that climate,
Cruel winter, no tops up,
money that you want a lot of,
material's keeping you locked up,
hiding behind that make-up, living a life that you make up,
wait now, tell me what you've got to say now,
hated me when I starving,
well take a look at my plate now,
you can't even look at my face,
walking around with your face,
my head's up, and my eyes low, my thoughts lost in those strange clouds,
tell me what you want from me, I garantee that I can get it,
tell me where you want to be, I garantee that I'm with it,
Them niggas ain't spending that dough, then drop 'em,
Versace linen swimming in that ghost, switching the topic,

Hook (x2):